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Re: osteoarthritis left hip

From: Peter Dunn
Date: 30 Dec 2000
Time: 20:15:20
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Hi Joe,

I've cut and pasted below a response to another lister which I hope you find of interest as it is relevant to your question. The Birmingam Total Hip Re-surfacing operation has really taken off in the UK.

I'm absolutely delighted with both my operations and would not consider a traditional THR at my age (45), although that's just a personal view. It is a more expensive operation approx USD12,000 as against perhaps USD 8-9,000 for a THR here in the UK, but well worth it.

Let me know if you would like contact details etc. I can also put you in touch with Derek McMinn's personal assistant who can give you all the info you require.


Peter Dunn

I am a 45 year old man who has just had my second hip re-surfaced using the Birmingham (UK) Hip Re-surfacing method developed by Derek McMinn a prominent UK surgeon. 15 months ago, I was in dreadful pain, walked with a pronounced limp and had to stop playing sport at a high level.

The Birmingham hip re-surfacing is less invasive than a traditional THR as no stem is inserted into the femur and you do not lose the femoral head - it is simply reamed into shape, and a metal 'cup' is secured around it, which fits into a matching fixture in the acetabular plate.

It's a metal on metal implant and has been in use for around 9 years now and my understanding is that it is gradually getting worldwide acceptance in the face of the traditionalists.

From my - and your - viewpoint, if it does fail in say, 10 years time, I can still have a traditional THR followed by a revision at a later date. So hopefully, I will always be able to live a full and active life!

An important factor for me in selecting this particular operation was that, like you, I am still relatively young and hope to remain active, yet all the 'old school' surgeons suggested that I should lead a sedentary life after a THR.

According to Derek McMinn, this is not necessarily the case. After my first hip operation I questioned how the new joint should be used. His response... "Hammer it!". This year, I walked 5.5 miles over hills within 6 weeks of the first operation and played tennis after 3 months.

Now, just 10 days after having my second hip re-surfaced, I today walked 1 mile, using just 2 sticks for support. If the last operation is anything to go by, in 2 weeks time I expect to discard one stick and two weeks later, the other.

What I suggest to anybody relatively young like you, is to be open-minded and research all the various operations carefully until you find one that suits you, and your lifestyle. For me, I have complete faith in this operation and believe it will last me for many years and judging by the length of the waiting lists, there are clearly many others of the same viewpoint.

There is no need to be downhearted, life most certainly goes on afterwards. In September 2001, I'm doing a 250 miles Grand Canyon cycle ride for charity!

If you would like any further information on the Birmingham Hip Re-surfacing I'd be happy to pass it on to you. Good Luck! Peter Dunn

Last changed: December 30, 2000