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From: Nancy
Date: 02 Feb 2001
Time: 16:05:08
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I have had 2 hip replacements, one on each side. The left hip was replaced in 1994 and I did indeed have groin pain..In fact for the longest time my Dr told me I had injured my groin muscle..I also had clicking noises...I then found out it was because of congenital hip displasia that my hip joint was gone...clicking could be caused by bone rubbing on bone (no cartlige left). My mother had a hip replacement last year and all her pain was in her knee. I guess it depends on the person where the pain is...I however would be concerned if this pain persisted after the total hip replacement...My suggestion would be more physical therapy to see if stretching and strenghening the muscles and tendons would help...I myself will be having my first hip replacent redone in late March as the cup has displaced from the pelvis..I am not looking forward to it but I have no choice..Let me know how you both are doing...

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