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no hip to replace...

Date: 02 Nov 1999
Time: 22:54:13
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my mother is facing a THR. Her problem is there she has no hip to replace! As a child she had osteomelytis, which is a bone disease. She had many surgeries to correct this condition. Now, at 73 yrs old, she has fractured her femur. This is possibly due to the way she has had to walk since childhood. Her left leg is shorter than the right from surgeries, and they think the repetative movement of limping as fractured her femur. Through many xrays, MRI's, and cat scans in the last 6 weeks they have discovered that her hip is gone! They don't know how she has been walking! Now they tell us they need to do a THR. Has any one ever had this done with no hip to start with? I hope someone can help us! Debbie

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