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My Hip replacement Story

From: Don
Date: 03 Nov 1999
Time: 10:33:23
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My story begain three years ago Iam a 38 year old male and I started having pain in my knees when I walked or climbed ladders or stairs. So I went to the doctor who said it wasnt that bad and gave me steriods and pain meds and said I should be fine in a week I trusted him well I wasnt, So I went to see a ortho pod by that time both Knees were hurting the right was worst so he said lets do orthoscopy on the Knee its about the same price as a mri and if it was bad he would still have to do the knee surgery well he said after the surgery that there was nothing wrong except some extra cartilage and he removed it things seemed to get better then he did the left then things went down hill from there. I started having bad groin pain in the right then a few weeks the left. Went to see the GP Doctor he said he thought It was a Hernia and sent me to a surgen the surgen found no hernia so he sent me to a urologist who did all kinds of test which are to many to list here guess what he found nothing, now Iam walking with a cane and falling cause my legs will not support me So the great minds send me to a nerologist who checks my nerves and does a mylogram very painfull found nothing at this time Iam losing respect with my family they start thinking its all in my head and that iam crazy well the nerologist said they could do anything for me so they sent me to pain mangement there they gave me shots in the back yep you guessed it steriods and pain killer.That doctor sent me to rehab cause by this time my legs had withered away and he wanted to build them up well after three visits the Phisical Therpist did some tests and said both hips were bad and to go see a Orthopod Well I went to a differnt one and he did xrays of my hips and said that they were the worst hes ever seen stage 5 AVN Avasculer Necrosis well he replaced the right on Aug 23 99 and the left on Oct 6 1999 Iam better but still have a lot of surgeical pain and very weak still all I can do now is look down the road and say why did it take so long to find my problem the good part was that I was lucky enough to get the new expermental hips ceramic on ceramic with a free floating cup which may last my lifetime.

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