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Hip Surgery bone fragment removed caused by car accident

From: John Purcell
Date: 06 Nov 1999
Time: 10:31:01
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On 11/2/99 I was involved in a car accident.I was driving a 99 chev cavalier on I-75 around 3:30 am. I was involved in a head on collision. The dash board pushed my knee into my hip and dislocated it without breaking the skin. Both airbags went off and I was wearing my seatbelt at the time. The ambulance rushed me to the hospital and rushed me to surgery to put my leg back into place. The next day I went for a cat scan of the hip and the Doctor noticed a large bone fragment in the hip joint and one outside the hip joint. On Friday I was told I have to go to surgery to have the bones removed because the bone would grind the soft cartlige away. If I didn't have it done then in about 3 weeks i would be back to replace the whole hip. Also I needed a plate put in to keep the hip from being dislocated again. It is a 2 hr operation and 1 week in the hospital. Then 4 to 6 weeks on crutches and I should be able to walk again.

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