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The fastest recovery?  (Operation to discharge - 48 hours!)

Date: 26 Nov 1999
Time: 15:06:39
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Having had bad osteo-arthritis for the past few year my date came for the THR operation last monday (22nd Nov 1999). I am a 45 year old male in an active job. I opted for a spinal block rather than a general anesthetic and, apart from the smells, sounds of drilling and occasional glimpse of the new hip before it went in, I would throughly recommend it. I was up on my feet the next day with no side effects from the operation. On wednesday, less than 48 hours after the operation I was using crutches and I passed the stability, safety and stairs test. The physios and doctors were so impressed that on Wednesday evening I was allowed home (remember the operation was on the monday!). I cannot thank the surgeon, Mr Archer, enough as well as all the dedicated staff at St. James Hospital, Leeds England. I am convalescing at home now and, with steady effort, hope to be back at work some time in January or February. I only wish i had this done a year ago and save all the pain the condition had put me through.

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