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THR in one week

From: Laura Ralph
Date: 30 Nov 1999
Time: 02:50:39
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I am 26 years old and am having a THR on dec 7. I was diagnosed with legg perthes at the age of 9 and was put in traction for 3 weeks. i had problems on and off after that, but was able to lead a modified, but fairly normal life. Then when I was 18, i bent down to tie my shoes and could not get back up. I had a triple osteotomy as well as 2 other minor procedures done from 1992-1994. After the osteotomy, ikept going back to my surgeon complaining of pain and discomfot and was told that I was fine and that "for some reason i was very sensitive to pain" Finally in the spring of this year, I went back again and he referred me to another surgeon. An MRI was taken and it showed that I have severe osteoarthritis and no cartilage left at all. He told me that my hip is now too far gone for anything to be done and that my only option is a total hip replacement at 26 years old. I am trying not to be bitter and angryy, but I feel cheated. I am scared that my new hip will not last long and I don't know how many successful revisions I can have. Does anyone out there have a story similar who might be able to tell me how their hip is lasting and what i should expect. I'm sorry this is so long. Mye-mail address is Thank you for listening.

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