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Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

From: David
Date: 09 Dec 1999
Time: 09:07:24
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I had my total hip replacement on Nov. 11th. Last February I had a bone core decompression on my right hip. At first it seemed to be working but by July, the pain began returning. Realizing that the next step would be hip replacement, I began researching for the best means and devices available to provide me with the best stability and longevity. My research lead me to what is called Metal on Metal replacement. The joint institute of LA seemed to be the only group who was performing this procedure. They specialized in a procedure called "hemi-surface replacement" which I was not a candidate for due to my femor head collapsing due to the advancement of my AVN. I also found that the Metal on Metal had recently become FDA approved "last 6 months". I discussed this method with my surgeon who by my surprise research this new device. He was very impressed with everything he learned about the metal on metal device. The standard metal on plastic has a know wear out life and replacement of the device becomes necessary. Patients followed up with the metal on metal did not show any signs of wearout or loosening 18 years after implantation. The manufacturer of the metal on metal device even provides a lifetime warrenty on their device! My surgeon performed the metal on metal replacement on me "I am the first individual in my region to receive this device" and I am doing very well. My hopes are that I will never need to undergo a second surgery for replacement of the device. I am 43 years old. I simply want to make others aware that there are other means available which may provide them many more years of additional freedom than the traditional metal on plastic. For additional information on the metal on metal device and procedure you can contact the joint replacement institute of LA at 213-742-1075 or email to or website Good luck!

Last changed: December 09, 1999