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Babies, Heparin and AVN

From: Libby
Date: 28 Dec 1999
Time: 23:23:34
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I am 34yrs old and have AVN in both hips. I am not looking at a THR right this minute, but I won't make it to sixty either. Very interesting being told to "wait until you can't stand the pain anymore." I am currently taking Low Molecular Weight Heparin (daily blood thinning shots) in the hope that my right hip can be saved by breaking up the clot that has supposedly caused the AVN. The left hip is too far gone to be helped by anything but an eventual THR. Does anyone have any experience with this? This doctor's articles in the medical literature seem to show a good success rate in cases of early AVN (Ficat stage 2 or less). On another note, my husband and I are considering attempting one last pregnancy. Obviously, this will not be the greatest fun on earth, because I will be cut off from two of my good friends -- my heating pad and my non-steroidal pain meds. Anyone have any knowledge or suggestions?

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