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Re: THP---Recovery is not going well

Date: 07 Jan 2000
Time: 13:37:15
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Wow! Sounds like you expect to recover very quickly. Don't know the circumstances of your problem, type of surgery, age etc., but recovery takes time. THR is a huge surgery and recovery can take up to 1 year for maximum benefit. Recovery from major orthopedic surgery is a long term committment. PT consultation for a home exercise program is a good idea. Pushing yourself prematurely is not. It took me about 9 months to tie my shoe comfortably! At times my hip still bothers me & I use a cane for a few days to take the weight off, then it is better. Spoken from someone who did too much too early, I suggest a careful yet determined recovery to assure good long term results! BTW - I was 41 at the time of surgery, had a non- cemented prosthesis. I had a congenital problem. Good luck and best wishes for a meaningful recovery.

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