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avn  both shoulders replaced  Jan 11th coredecompression with avasicuar ghaph

Date: 02 Feb 2000
Time: 03:37:27
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Dear Linda and group. Having both shoulders replaced with a year 1/2 and knowing that I have avn in both hips I watched you site for sometime well jan 11th I had coredecompresion with a femur avasicular graph no weight bearing ofr 6 weeks. I feel like my life is falling apart my husband wants to kick me out of the house while I was in the hospital he did the hoseholld bills and found I had charged more than we could afford at the time I was also be treated for servere depression. I feel so ba but the past is past I and I can't change it. I just stay in my room most of the time so when he goes to work I can come out and use the computer. I feel like a prisoner in my own home. I feel trapped with no where to go I am homebound and if I do go somewhere the trouble is worth it. I would enjoy hearing back form you or any group member. It feels better just getting it off my chest .

Thank you

Debbie Baird

sorry about my spelling

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