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Re: THR Feb 14th

From: Joe C
Date: 06 Feb 2000
Time: 03:47:58
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Hi to Heidi!! This is going to be the best Valentines Day that you've ever had! I got out of bed one morning in early 1996 and had trouble making a full step without pain. It progressed quickly and I knew there had to be a problem. After some tests it was decided that I was suffering from AVN in both hips. Trouble had only lifted it's head in the right so far. Long story short, I'm not lucky, core decompression failed, THR on right hip , and left failed two weeks later. THR on left two months later and here I am. You can "learn" to climb the stairs on crutches . All kinds of neat gimmicks are availabe for putting on socks, picking up items so you don't have to bend. I was standing alone the next day, taking showers alone (since I also live alone) and was able, but my doctor discouraged me from driving for a few weeks. Don't want some dummy with two good hips to hurt us after we've just had our backside split again. Best part I can see is I've got two matching (the doc was really good) scars now. You won't take anything for this procedure after it's over. You'll be much more your old self and back to an almost normal life. I have trouble getting through metal dectors sometimes, but I think it may help my cell phone reception. Drop me an e-mail and let me know how that you do. Joe

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