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Date: 17 Feb 2000
Time: 20:14:02
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Hi, I'm new here. My name's Julie I'm 23. I had Legg Perthes in my right hip at age 10. Wore a brace for 9 months then had an Osteotomy. I've been pain free until 6 months ago. I started limping and it kept getting worse till I couldn't walk at all. My leg turns outwards and hurts to turn it inwards now. My doctors are considering a hip replacement but I'm really scarred it may not work. The reason for this is most of the pain is in my outer hip. The spot someone would get bursitis. I remember the pain being in the groin area when I was little so I'm worried this is something seperate from the joint. Did anyone out there have pain in the outer hip before their hip replacement. The doctors said the bonescan would have shown bursitis, is that true? My bonescan just showed an excessive amount of blood flow in the joint and chronic inflamation. Please anyone let me know where your pain is coming from!

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