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Re: My Hip replacement Story

From: Charles Thigpen
Date: 20 Feb 2000
Time: 00:56:49
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Your story sounds exactly like mine. I had to change primary Dr's (I have a HMO) before I could get help. I don't know how HMO's think they are saving money by giving us the run around. It would have been far cheaper in the beguning to fix the problem. I suffered for 4 years before I changed Dr's and had THR. I have AVN and was treated for all those years with guess what? Steroids!! Well, we all know what that caused, don't we? I had THR 04-04-99 on my left side, was back at work after 6 weeks as an industrial equipment mechanic, I work on fork lift trucks, very heavy work. My right hip is doing ok, but I do need two days off to be able to return to work. I will probably have to get the right hip done within the next year, and I am sure I will not be able to do the heavy work I am doing now, as I use my right hip and knee to support the weight of my work. The pain factor in my left (replaced side) is moderate, but nowhere near where it was. I can keep it in check with pain meds. I do know that the pain in my lower back has gone away, I think it came from favoring my left hip which was 2/3 gone when they finally found it. I hope rhis post was not too negative, but it is what I feel. Charles Thigpen

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