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Hip replacement is 22 years old

From: Kathy M.
Date: 24 Feb 2000
Time: 11:00:08
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I had a hip replacement at age 23 The doctor told me it was osteo arthritis that caused a flat spot on my femur. I have been relatively pain free expect for when I really over did for 20 years. The last few years I have had more times of hurting and feeling like I over did when it didn't seem like I had done much. During the past 22 years, I had four children and have put on a lot of weight. I now weigh 245 lbs. I went to a doctor last December that told me that I now have a cyst in my socket, the original replacement was free floating in the socket area, and that all of the cartilige is gone and when the socket becomes damaged or I am in too much pain I will need to have the hip done over. I changed insurance in January and went to see a new doctor so he would have a baseline for seeing me again in 6 mo. He thinks I have avascular necrosis in BOTH hips. How many out there have had a hip replacement redone? What can you tell me about it? When I had the first surgery I had to be non-weight bearing on that leg for 6 wks, the exercises hurt a lot and I was in the hospital for 12 days. Have things changed much? My email address is:

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