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Re: 33 years old; hip replacement in summer 2000 ?

From: canserman@aol ( Matt A.)
Date: 14 Mar 2000
Time: 14:33:39
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Hello, I am sorry to read about your situation but all is not lost, here are a few tips from a 34 year old 2 months post op. My situation arose from treatments I received to combat a nasty case of Hodgkins. My replacement surgery went fine with no problems or complications ( I have one of the best doctors available in my area ). I was a stage 4 at time of replacement. Based on the results found in my mri my doctor gave me two options that would help me have a normal gait and activity level- wait no longer than 3yrs or have the procedure now. My doctors reason for this was that the longer I use a joint that had as much damage as mine the greater the chance of having a leg shorter than the other. That was the clincher for me, I scheduled the operation the next week. Remember you are the boss and you must decide. A THR is not the same as what nature gave us so lifestyle changes will also come into play. I am very pleased with my hip now, I have no joint pain, movement is getting better every day,I actually did some light jogging(fast walk) on 3/13. The few things that I need to work on are flexibility and muscle endurance. My goals are to tie my shoes within a year or less and to enjoy summer walks without pain. If you or anyone out there has any questions about my experience with cancer and THR feel free to e-mail me.

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