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Re: Trying to schedule but scared of being down for too long

Date: 16 Mar 2000
Time: 01:56:32
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Yes you will have some down time and it will SEEM endless, but that recovery period quickly fades to a faint memory once you're healed and feel better than you've felt in so many years! I am 43 and had my THR 8/4/99. I had been an avid scuba diver but the pain had become so bad it prevented me from diving. I was back in the water by Thanksgiving and at about 6 months was completely healed and better than new. I do not have any regrets about having the surgery and wish I had done it sooner. My THR was complicated by a femur fracture during implantation, so my healing took longer than normal. Please be certain your surgeon/health plan wants you to pursue a very agressive course of rehab. My leg muscles had atrophied by not being able to walk or dive much for months before the surgery. Some surgeons I went to said they didnt believe in rehab, that "just walking" was all the rehab I'd need. Thank goodness the 3rd surgeon I went to felt aggressive rehab was needed. He was right and it has made a huge difference. I doubt I'd feel even half as good as I do not without all the rehab therapy. Even with the fracture complication, I have NO regrets. Good luck!!

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