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My "hip" story. OR just whining

From: Susan Woods -
Date: 17 Mar 2000
Time: 00:53:05
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My name is Susan Woods, I will be 45 next month. I am not sure yet if I have AVN. I will not know for sure until Tuesday. My problem is with my left hip. It feels like it is popping out of socket sometimes when I am walking. It hurts so bad, I almost fall down. It takes me sometimes 10 minutes to stand up all the way. It feels like my hip joint has some rusty ball bearings that freeze up. I have to try and maneuver my hip into just the right "window" in order to stand up straight. If I do not find that window, I cannot stand up straight, nor put any weight on the left foot at all. My X-rays show that the rounded part of the top end of my thigh bone that goes in the socket is black, indicating "dead" bone. My doctor suspects AVN and I am having an MRI Monday AM. He says that if it is, I will probably need a hip replacement. After all that I have read about that on the internet, I am not afraid of having that done. I just have not seen any of my symptoms in what I am reading about AVN. Need someone feedback. Someone to talk to that knows about these symptoms I describe. I am ready for something to be done, and soon...Any advise or comments?? Susan Woods

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