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Love My New Hip

From: Joan
Date: 20 Mar 2000
Time: 13:06:49
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After reading a few articles people have posted on this site, I got worried. I did not realize so many people had problems with hip replacement. My new hip has given me a new lease on life. I injured my hip when I was young and had surgery then, but it was never the same. In my 40's I started having a lot of lower back problems. I kept telling doctors that I thought the pain was from my hip, but no one would listen. I got the "your to young to have a hip replacement. At 55 I finally found a specialist that agreed with me and did the operation. I healed quite and have had no problems at all. My horrible back pains are gone as are my hip pain. I wish I could have had this done about 10 years ago, it would have made a difference in my life. I was afraid of surgery too, especially because I am not a well person. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, acute axiety, crippling arthritis in my hand, tendinitous in my shoulders and left foot. I also have interear problems that give me dizzy spells. After the surgery, it was difficult for me, for a few days because of all my other ailments, but I would do it all over it I had too. Make sure you have a surgeon with a long of experience in hip replacement and hopefully your surgery will end up improving your life, like me.

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