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Re: any advice?

From: Brenda.F.
Date: 21 Mar 2000
Time: 11:11:55
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Hi, I read your post and thought i would give you my own opinion on this. I am a 33 year old with legg perthes but otherwise healthy person. You are right THR is an elective surgery but I think that when you decide to have this done it is because you cannot stand the everyday pain any longer. I think what really made my decicion was that I came to realize that I was way to young to live like this if I can do something about it. I also think 49 is way too young also to have to be in pain day after day, don't you? I think that the benifits of THR out weigh the lifestyle you would have without it. Just an opinion from someone who has been there and made my decicion. I am scheduled for THR in July 2000. Good luck making your decicion. If you would like to chat feel free to E Mail me at... Brenda.F.

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