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Re: pain after totally hip

From: Eileen
Date: 22 Mar 2000
Time: 08:06:59
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Hi. I'm a 46 yr old female, just had THR 3-14-00. Post op pain was a tad more than what I had prepared feels like someone sawed the ends of your bones off. It's not the type of pain that makes you holler and bang your head...just intensely uncomfortable. By the end of the second day you'll feel mahvelous! The worst problem I had was itching! Demerol makes me feel good but makes me itch! I spent many happy hours under the sheets with my long-handled scratcher....have no idea what others thought when they walked by and saw my sheets moving furiously around my knees and a big smile on my face. Pack up some nice scented lotion, a long handled scratcher and you'll be just fine!!! The pain, like everything else, passes and you'll be ssssooo happy to have your life back!!!

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