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Hip displaysia/arthritis

From: Julie S
Date: 29 Mar 2000
Time: 10:54:54
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For almost 4 years now I have hip trouble. I have had many MRI scans, CT scans and dozens of Xrays but the doctors could never work out exactly why my leg was in so much pain. It feels as if a tendon or ligament is caught up in the inside of the top of my right hip. I cannot cross my legs, jog or even walk very far now without pain. In a recent bone scan they said I had a stress fracture in my hip, however the next MRI never showed it. I then had arthroscopy and the surgeon said I had calcium spurs and arthritis. Another surgeon said I had hip displaysia and said I should in the future have hip replacement, plus the other hip will go the same way soon. I am 33 and was very active before all this happened. I am on alot of different vitamin supplements now as I want to avoid having surgery. The last doctor suggested having an osteotome. I looked up hip displaysia on the internet and only got information for dogs! However there was this product for dogs (Amaize) and the Xrays they showed of this one dogs hips after 2 years was so much better. I asked if humans could use it, I was told it wasn't recommended but he listed a bunch of different supplements I should now take. I am wondering if anybody else has this trouble and if you take any supplements that help you. I am so happy to find this Internet page, I've felt so alone with nobody knowing the cause of the pain and now I see others out there like me. If you can help at all I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading all of this. Julie


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