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Totally Hip Believer

From: Linda Y.
Date: 01 Apr 2000
Time: 16:14:51
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Three years after being told by an orthopedist that I needed my left hip replaced, I subjected myself to surgery on March 14. Being a physician, I knew too well about what could possibly go wrong and fortified with a high pain threshold, I had put off surgery until my husband, siblings and friends convinced me that I was in denial about how compromised my physical activities had become. "I'm only 51, too young to have a hip replacement" ceased to be a good excuse. But of course, things had to be done my way. For eight months prior to surgery, I prepared myself - daily exercise on my stationary bike, weights for upper body strength. At surgery, I insisted on only an epiduaral with no sedatives - no mind-altering drugs -I was awake to hear all the sound effects and to feel the motions of surgery. After surgery, no pain medications. Because I had an uncemented hip I was kept in bed for 24 hours, then I was up and walked the hall with a walker. I would have gone home then, but my surgeon waited til 52 hours post-op to discharge me, a record for any THR he ever did. In spite of blood loss, my recovery has exceeded even my own expectations. It's now Day 19 and although I'm still restricted to the "slouch" sit position and crutches for another two weeks, I'm functioning totally independently, thanks to some OT tools- even enjoyed a 40 minute walk today.

My advise to everyone - prepare for the surgery- anything you can do to strenghthen your body and keep your mind clear will contribute to a faster recovery. My assessment thus far - I'm a believer - I'm looking forward to throwing away the cane and walking without restrictions.

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