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Left THR

Date: 17 Apr 2000
Time: 21:15:16
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I had my THR on the left on march 3,2000 as of this time I am still walking on crutches, I go back to the Dr. tomorrow to see if he thinks I can get off crutches. I had the stem cemented and the cup was not cemented, I have done what I think is really good however I have one little concern and that is there seems to be sort of a clicking at times like there is maybe a little movement in there. The Dr. says it is normal however I would sure like to hear some response from someone on this list. I am now 33 years old and would also like to know how long untill I feel like the old me five years ago before all the pain and core decompression and such? I am in no pain at all now except for everynow then I get some stiffness or something that just reminds me that I have had something done. If it is anyhelp to anyone thinking about having a total replacement I can tell you at this point I do not regret it one little bit and it is sure a great thing to be rid of all the pain I once had. Thanks for such a group and if anyone has had any experience with the clicking I am talking about would you please email me at and give me some thoughts on it? To finish this up I put the replacement off for 3 years before having it done because it was a scary thought, however I wonder now what I must have been afraid of because every day makes it much more worth it. Wish me luck for tomorrow. (also the clicking is not painful, that makes all the more curious)

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