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Cause for Concern:  Yes/No

From: Gary
Date: 22 Apr 2000
Time: 19:45:26
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Surgery - Dislocation - Dislocation

My mother-in-law had hip replacement surgery on 4/5, and then while undergoing orthopedic stair climbing therapy while in the hospital she dislocated her hip 4/17. She had the hip put back in place later that night while under anesthesia. Today, 2/22, she has dislocated her hip again and will have it set in place AGAIN later tonight. After the first dislocation the Dr. said that if it comes out again we might have to put a brace on it to hold it in place. I am upset that this happened for the second time with the same orthopedic therapist, under controlled conditions.

I am going to ask the Dr. for a copy of her "care plan", talk to the Dr. and ask some very specific questions and share some concerns we have with treatment, I am going to notify the hospital Vice President in charge of Physical Therapy of our concerns, and notify her primary care physician which happens to be rheumatoid arthritis guy.

She is 76, lives at home with her husband, and has had rheumatoid arthritis for a long time. She broke her hip in a fall on 4/5 while getting from the car (passenger) to the back door of her house.

Do these sound like resonable concerns and steps to resolve the concerns?

What else should we do or not do, if anything?

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