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19 Years old.-why me?

From: M.B.
Date: 25 Apr 2000
Time: 11:14:22
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Hello,I am 19 years old and I was VERY, VERY active.I have been to college for 2 yrs.,but took off a semester for basic training(for the military).I am the only child so my mom begged me not to go.During a "Mandatory" high intense obstacle course, a VERY HUGE female fell over the wall onto my leg.I heard a pop and thought nothing about it.The next day I ran 3 miles on a half broken hip-YES VERY PAINFUL! I did not have a total hip replacement But a hip graph because of my age.The military flew me to a specialist in Georgia(I am from Illinois).So far I fine, just concerned about having kids later in life.I had surgery Feb.10,00 and I am supposely getting off crutches May 08,00.A little pain now and then,mostly healing.My story is more deeper,than I will put here. But for any Questions,just ask. Good Luck to the Young,Restless,Fed-up,Confused,and Old!God Bless-I'm hopeful & so should U.Respond please.

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