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Re: Twin Hippie

From: Linda Y.
Date: 25 Apr 2000
Time: 15:22:35
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I also had my left THR on the same day as you did but I had AVN. Fortunately I don't have any pain. Last week I had a very good evaluation by a physical therapist who could show me how much weakness I had in the muscles in my left leg - the result of having to walk with a cane and losing an inche from the joint destruction. I also want to walk without a limp. Because the surgeon did a good job of giving me equal leg lengths and the x-rays show good alignment, the therapist has started me on some great exercises and believes that I can expect to walk normally once I get full muscle strengths developed - optimistically in 3 weeks. If you go to the search box on the Discussion Board page and enter "limp", you'll find other hippie stories/opinions. Hope your recovery gets better. Hang in there, Twin Hippie!

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