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affraid its coming back

From: Wayne
Date: 29 Apr 2000
Time: 22:47:07
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Am a 46 year old man who had displaced fracture of the right hip 2 years ago.Repaired hip with 6 Knoles pins,but compresion of fracture was so great that the pins had to be removed.A month after removal developed bad pain in right side of my groin,had a MRI done and found I had AVN.A month later I had a core decompresion of the right hip.A month following surgury I suffered a new fracture in the neck of the femur.They then put a steel rod in the neck of the femur that runs down the outside of the bone and 6 screws hold it in place.All has been fairly well during re-hab,But now 26 months later after the first surgury I am starting to get a lot of burning pain in the groin and hip.I am affraid to face this again.My family has been through so much already.I haven't told my wife or doctor .I guess I am hoping the pain will stop.I am not afraid of having a total hip done I just hate the thought of having to re-hab the hip a third time in two years.Sometimes I wish they had replaced the hip to begin with ,then this all would have been over by now and I could have gotten on with my life insted of living in denile.Am so tired of it all.But as bad as it may seem to me ,my heart has been touched by so many others I have met in the last two years.People who haved faced much more than myself and stood tall.I will get beyond all this one day and look back and realise I have been made stronger by this I just hope my wife and childern hang tough.Thanks for letting me vent.

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