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Re: 48 Had THR on April 20TH 2000

From: Anne
Date: 02 May 2000
Time: 10:10:07
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Hi Vivian,

I'm 46 (soon to be 47) and had my left THR 3-14-00. I have the metal-on-metal non-cemented type by Sulzer Orthopedics. After two weeks on a walker, I was using crutches, and after one week on two crutches, went to using one. I found it to be alot faster than two and just as assistive. After a week or so on one crutch I went to using a cane for short spurts around the house. I found I was very wobbly on it at first and didn't go far with it. As the strength returned to my hip area (I have a large posterior incision right across my butt!) I found it easier and easier to go with the cane. Now, I carry my cane when I go for walks thru the neighborhood, it's more of a comfort than an actual aid. At this point, I can walk quite a distance (about a mile or so) with no assistance at all, but as I tire I notice I lurch to my left, operative side, and that's because I still need additional strength and conditioning on my gluts. My incision is still sore, but not anything I need an occasional aspirin for.

You should be able to lay on your non-operative side without too much discomfort now, and make sure you have some pillows between your legs. I felt more comfortable if the pillows went the entire length of my legs, rather than just between the knees.

The best thing you can do at this point is start to take short walks. Nothing too strenuous, and not very far. Maybe just a couple of blocks, and use your crutches. A short stroll in the morning, and a short one in the afternoon, and then gradually increase your distance. You'll start the feel the difference, and increase in your strength probably within the week. Good luck in your recovery!!!!

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