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Re: 48 Had THR on April 20TH 2000

From: Terri
Date: 03 May 2000
Time: 16:44:01
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You can tell I am new to the game that is all I am thinking about these days. I went back and read some of your previous posting and I see you were going to have a epidural. If you don't mind let me know how that was for you. I was thinking that would be better than full sedation, since that can be risky too. Was it too wierd being awake during the operation. I have ulcerative colitis (the reason I took prednisone to start with) and I thought it must be something like the colonoscopy, where you have valium and pain meds. But of course with the surgery you are also numb from the waist down. Could you feel anything at all? Hope I am not being too inquisitive, if you don't wish to discuss I understand completely. Getting through 13 colonoscopies made me think I was pretty tough. Having surgery with an epidural tops that hands down. Thanks again!

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