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Reffered Pain?

Date: 14 May 2000
Time: 18:10:36
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Hallo Again, I found this site when I was first seen by a specialist here in England and you all helped me so much moe than any of the medical people, in that you had answers! That was now a little over 2 years ago when I was told I would need both hips replaced, I am still waiting but have an appointment with a surgeon 21 st July. My question is now some time later pain is getting more widespread and last time you told me about the pain in my knees and lower back were what doctors called reffered pain, now I have a problem with my ankles pain and stiffness and muscle swelling at the left side of my right ankle the muscles ,swollen look like large garden slugs (if you have them there) and I am finding difficulty in flexing my feet as the pain is very bad when I try to do any movement from the ankle. I was wondering if you know if any other people who have bad hips have this same condition if it might also just be referred pain from the hips, like the knees and back and hips I wonder if anything can be done, I spend as little time now as possible walking anywhere and quite a lot of time lying down, as I'm sure you can imagine because this is one effective pain relief, the doctors limit my painkillers now and post date prescriptions if they feel I'm taking to many and when that happens I just st in bed I' not all that old (51) in April. Do hip replacements REALLY make all that much difference? Thanks in advance, I read every newsletter you send me, don't quite know what I would do If I could not write to you people everynow wnd then, they have starte me on anti-depressants now and assure me they are for chronic pain, not because they think I'm BONKERS! Once again I am sorry to have been so long winded Bye and God Bless John.

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