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My Hip surgery!

From: Brittany Schmitz
Date: 16 May 2000
Time: 13:45:38
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I am a 14 year old girl from Bloomington Indiana. At the age of 13, i noticed a pain in my right hip. Since it was in the middle of my baskebtall season, i wasnt interested in getting it checked out. As i come to find out, when i do get it checked out, i have to have surgery a few days later. My docter told me that my groth plate had slipped in my right hip. It was terrible! I had to have a medal pin inserted for support so it wouldnt slip anymore. I ended up missing out on the rest of my basketball season along with track! The next year, i was expecting to get the four sport award because im very athletic and figured my hips were in good condition. So soon enough cross country season came around. Half way through the season, i noticed the same pain again but in my opposite hip! It was one of those terrible feelings because there was no mistaking it this time! I was a little nervous to get it checked out again, but i did and the next week, i was in the opperating room!!! that was in October of '99, by january 20th, i was back on the basketball court. Although i had a slow start, i eventually became the leading scorer and the most valuable player, and i intend to go into highschool next year strong and in good condition. Nothing can bring me down, not even two hip surgeries!! thanks Brittany

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