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Femur Resurfacing- Partial Hip Replacement

From: Shirley Bentley
Date: 05 Jun 2000
Time: 13:53:15
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Four months ago I found out that I hade AVN in both hips. The right one worse than the left.So I had a core done on the left and a partial on the right. The doctor I go to is one of the few doctors in the states that does what they call a partial hip where he builds up what is left of the ball joint and puts a metal cap on.Because of my age and how active I am (Horseback Riding, Golf, Bowling) he wanted me to have that done instead of a total new hip since they are suppose to last only 15 - 20 years and when you have a second one it is not as sucessful as the first and the precautions Iunderstand your on when you have a new hip (that I did want to be on)he did not want to put a new hip because of this reason. Now I'm having to have a second surgery on the left (the core did not work, the left is collapsing.) So i guess i"ll have the second surgery and then at some point in my 60's if the cap last that long I will have to have two new hips . I wondering i f any one has had this procedure I'm talking about I know it is only about 4 years old. Though any feed back is appreciated. Have a Good One.!

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