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Re: Just diagnosed and stressing

Date: 06 Jun 2000
Time: 10:18:02
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I am 27 y/o. I was diagnosed with AVN in Mid-February, after five months of stubborn pain (I often think, "If I had gone to the Doctor earlier, then maybe..."). I have had two core decompressions (the operation you mentioned). The first was 3/3/00. The surgery went very well, after about a week I was getting around okay. The doctor said crutches for 6 weeks (but after a month I was walking). The second was done 4/18/00 (and after a couple of weeks I was walking). Today I have a slight limp (which will go away as I shed these pounds I have put on over the last six months and I get the strength back in my legs), but no pain. I believe my case was more advanced than yours I was in stage three for the right hip, so there were no choices but surgery. You need to be realistic though--I know that I will never run again. The only exercise I can do is non-impact or low-impact i.e. bicycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, etc. If you have a core decompression, be aware that it does not "cure" you. When they drill the hole into the bone, the bone sort of collapses into itself...strenghtening itself, but that is its limit. I will never be 100% again. This condition will (when I am much much older I hope) necessitate a THR.

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