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Re: reallly happy

From: Mavis
Date: 08 Jun 2000
Time: 19:49:01
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So happy for you that you are now free of pain. I too had total replacements at 48. I felt like a new person without the grinding pain. I could finally sleep at night. I danced, could outwalk everyone and enjoyed myself completely. The bad news is, only eight years later, I had worn the plastic lining to the point of having developed a cyst behind the cup to catch the debris. I had to have a 'revision'. My surgeon cleaned out the cyst,put new bone from the bone bank in the hole left & changed the plastic parts.

Four years later, I had to have the right one 'revised'. This time he found the plastic totally worn through and the prosthesis out of alignment, and a very large cyst. He fixed everything up again, changed the cup which was slightly loose and put a larger head in with a heavier plastic. This time I found the operation harder, lifting with the trapeze more difficult, and was much weaker from a low blood count. I dread anymore operations and am home recuperating for a few more weeks.

If I had it to do over, I would take it a bit easier and try to make them last longer. I know its hard when you are active, there is so much life to be lived, but I also know I pushed myself when having fun, after all nothing hurt anymore! It was with disbelief that I began to feel pain again. Thought I was just getting 'stiff' from lack of activity, never dreaming I was wearing stuff out! I found it harder and harder to get up from a sitting position and walk without limping. Then one day, I got up at work and just couldn't stand to put my weight on it anymore. I had to get a pair of crutches brought to me to get home. Then it was off to the surgeon...

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