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Re: THR at 27?

Date: 11 Jun 2000
Time: 19:32:44
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I just read your "Totally Hip" story on the internet and I can sympathize with you. I was born without a hip socket, had bone grafting at age 7 and a total replacement 3 years ago at age 32. the only thing I regret is not doing more research. My left leg is the one I had operated on and is now 7/8 inch longer than before. I have to put lifts on all my shoes, I can't wear cute summer sandals anymore because they can't put lifts on them and I have to be really careful when I'm shopping for shoes. I am also an avid bare foot person and now I have to wear just one shoe around the house all the time because if I don't, I have a lot of pain.

I encourage you to have the surgery, but make sure your doctor is aware that you want to come out of the surgery with your legs the same length. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. I also have two boys' ages 4 and 6 and it's really hard to keep up with them being like this. And get a second and third opinion.

Best of luck to you, and God bless.

Patty Dombovy

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