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making the wrong choice

From: debbie baird
Date: 11 Jun 2000
Time: 23:37:57
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38 Yrs. old 3children 8,11,13, 15 yrs married, I don't even know where to start. At 36 yrs. of age after dr.& dr. &.dr. not to mention $$$. I was told I had avascular necrosis in my left shoulder, predisone use in the winter when I couldn't get over a cold. Never told of the side effects the read out said pos muscle weekness. Long story short I have had both of my shoulders replaced, wasn't even over the one shoulder surgery. Then hip pain started I knew I had it in my hips long before the pain started. Well had a hard time with any surgen wanting to do a total hip replacement. Then a partner in the practice of my shouler dr. Dr. Mayo oh you are to young to have a hip replacement. I will do a core decompression with a fibula graph. That also includes taking a vein from your foot. This will last a lifetime and you will be much happier. I thought ok a little scrape from the fibula bone and a vein. 4 weeks non weight bearing 3 months recovery time. I planned the surgery in Jan. So I could have some fun with my children in the summer the last 2 summers were my shoulder surgery. Well I wake up from my hip surgery find a huge cast from my knee all the way up to my toes. A huge scar from my ankle to my knee plus my lovely hip scar. Asking why the cast the the huge scar from ankle to knee. They cut my fibula bone off about a inch from my ankle all the way to my knee. I thought a graph was small shaving from your bone or possible a inch of bone at the most. They insert the fibula bone in the humeral head like a pencil with aleast a inch or more just sticking out then pack the head with crushed bone and put the vein from my foot to make that fibula bone alive again. Ok another long story short. I have only a small amount of strenght in my ankle my muscles get caught around the bone that is left by my knee the fibula bone they inserted in the humeral head sticks out and my muscles get caught around it plus it clicks and is very painful. The dr. said he had to only go back in the hip once to trim that bone . Most people just learn to live with it. I never feel good my leg is weak I walk with a limp not to mention how sexy I look when wearing shorts and all those looks I get. I am being treated for depression. My husband and I constally fight. He thought doing double duty around the house for a few weeks would be ok but it's going on 6 months I do manage lite house keeping. Laundry room is in the basement I can do laundry but no carring up or down anything I have to hold on the that rail. I wish I had a total hip replacement then I would be out and about. Who cares about 10 yrs down the road my kids aren't going to depend so much on me then. Oh the dr. said it could take 1 1/2 yrs. for total recovery was I not listening when he told me that? Drs. fail to tell you little things about your surgrey. Guess what I have avascular necrosis in my right hip also, plus from all that non weight bearing the muscle tissue has slipped away from my right shoulder. So if you wonder why me or you have only one hip problem. Just think of little old me. Need help or to ask about your problem e-mail me at Hope I didn't bore you to death. No one knows how you feel unless you've been there. Thank God for support groups.

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