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lupus-mult.hip surg.,infection

From: Susan Hemlepp Hall
Date: 25 Jun 2000
Time: 19:17:22
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I am a 45yr. old divorced, disabled RN with complications from 16 yrs. of systemic lupus. I have 3 grown children, and 1 beautiful grandaughter. In Sept.'98, my left hip collapsed from the effects of avascular necrosis. I have ,also, stage 4 in my right hip. I had a THR immediately and did well. However, as the fall passed, the pain became worse and I couldn't get off the cane or my pain meds. Finally, in Dec'98, I was readmitted to the hospital and what followed was --1 month of my orthopedist treating me like a crock(Thank God for family doctors!),a partial removal of my acetabulum(ball and socket), 2 months in a skilled nursing unit,flat on my back on IV vancomycin and a PCA pump. This was followed by a revision, more pain, drainage, etc. I was forced to go to another orthopedic group in another state because my ortho. refused to believe anything was wrong. I became septic and had an emergency removal of the acetabulum and stem (which should have been done the first time) I again was transferred to a skilled nursing unit for a repeat performance of the scene before, again for 8 wks. I had my second revision (my 5th hip surg. in 10 months) in July'99. I am still dealing with infection and osteomylitis----175 days in the hospital and I'm back where I started. They now say that I'll probably lose my femur. I'm a pain patch but still deal with extreme pain ,antibiotics, and cannot treat my lupus because I can't take steroids due to the infection. Does anyone have any suggestions? My family is getting tired and so am I. I'm usually a very positive person but I need some closure. I welcome any suggestions concerning treatment, etc. I would like to say that as a nurse, I've seen many sad situations and I thank God that my situation isn't as bad as some I've seen. I'm so glad I found this site! Susan

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