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Re: Neil Maher's story of June 9th

From: Neil
Date: 08 Jul 2000
Time: 02:38:04
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To answer your question Mavis, the symptoms were similar to that of AVN in the hip joints. It started by experiencing severe pain when using my arms to try and help me get up, and shortly followed by the shoulders cracking and grinding when doing normal everyday tasks. The Dr's were treating me with anti-inflamatories for arthritis. When I was finally diognosed with AVN, in the hips, it was time to get them replaced. The time between diagnosis and THR was approximately one month. The "balls" on my hips were no longer existent. At the same time, I was experiencing pain in the shoulders and it was then confirmed that I also had AVN in the shoulders. 13 days ago I had the first of my shoulder replacements and am trying to get back on board. I was also wondering if there is anyone who has had their shoulder/s replaced and could suggest some exercises, vitamins, remedies etc that may help me in building up the strength in my arm and helping with the repair of the connective tissue again. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. I can be emailed at


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