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Cyst and Severe Thigh Pain

Date: 19 Jul 2000
Time: 23:31:31
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I had total replacement of both hip joints in 1992. I had no problems until about a year ago when I discovered a mass along the left pubis bone of the pelvis Using a CAT scan the doctors decided it was a fluid filled cyst--possibly caused by plastic particles from the left hip socket liner. We decided to leave the cyst alone unless it caused discomfort. It would be removed when the socket liner is replaced--in the distant future, I hope. In the past few months I have started to experience very severe pain in the upper front thigh muscles of my left leg. The pain only occurs when I stand with pressure on that leg and it is not always present. I have tried several different NSAIDs , but none seem to help to any great degree. Sometimes the pain extends down to my knee. I wonder if plastic particles might be causing this. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what causes it and can anything be done for it? Please let me know. Contact at:

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