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Dislocated and Fractured Hip!!!!!

From: Melissa Sue
Date: 21 Jul 2000
Time: 11:34:43
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Hi there! My name is Melissa Sue and I am 21 years old. On June 9th of this year I was involved in a car accident where I was a back seat passenger behind the driver. The car went out of control and smashed the side of the car I was in into a telephone/hydro pole. It mainly hit the driver's seat and turned it to face the centre of the car and unfortunatley my foot was under the seat. So in turn it actually ripped my hip out of place. When I was brought to the hospital by ambulance I could not move my whole left leg, and I told them I think that my hip might be dislocated. They kept telling me they thought it was just really badley bruised and that I had torn a lot of muscles, but sure enough, when they took the x-rays, my hip was about 4 inches up from the joint and was completely dislocated. So they put me under and pushed my hip back in place. Well the next day I was admitted to a different part of the hospital, where I was then under the care of a great orthopaedic surgeon named Dr. Kalchman. He thought that they should check to make sure it wasn't fractured so I went for an MRI and sure enough my hip was also fractured and there was bone fragments, one that was 1 inch long, caught in my hip joint. So I then went for major hip surgery to have the bone fragments taken out of the joint and to see if they could find anything else wrong in my hip, and make sure that it was secure. That operation was definatley not one I would wish anyone to go under, as it left me in bed-rest for a week and a foot-long scar on my hip. I had some complications where my leg kept swelling and they thought I was getting an infection because I wasn't eating, had a high temperature and was in a lot of pain, but luckily I ended up being okay and all that was probabley attributed to stress. It is now July 20th, and I am feeling a lot better. I am walking with crutches and going through intense physiotherapy with a great physiotherapist. I am a little worried about arthritis in my hip and avascular necrosis and osteoporosis though. These, I have been told are the risks that I need to deal with. I am just wondering if any of the other people out on this web-site, or any of the readers have experienced something like this, and what they did to reduce these risks for the future...if you'de like you can contact me at and let me know...Good luck to everyone out there and keep up the determination:) Thanks so much

Melissa Sue

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