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First Hip Replaced

From: Larry Slater
Date: 07 Aug 2000
Time: 00:32:42
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I am a 33 y/o and live in the Cincinnati Ohio area, I was first told I had Leg Perthis Disease when I was 16 years old, I saw several Ortho Dr's and they all said the same thing, That my hips were deteriorating, I was so confused. Why me, I was only 16 years old. My ortho Dr, Dr O'daniel Fox here in Cincinnati, is the Dr that eventually did my replacement surgery. When I first saw him, he said I was to young to under go the surgery, unlike the other doctors that I saw (them wanting to replace it right then) he put me into theropy. I had my first surgery in 1985, he drilled 3 holes in my hip and injected a solution that was to cause the bone fragments to grow together. (causeing mobility lose) I eventually had to undergo the Total Hip Replacement in Aug of 1985. and don't regret it a bit. He informed me that the new hip would only last around 5 years. Well I am now 33, and going on 12 years this August. Have had no problems with it at all, Although when I went to an Ortho Dr in Fla in Dec of 99 I was told that I would have to have my right hip replaced again. But right now I am facing having my left hip done first. I have not scheduled the surgery yet, but know I will have to soon. I go back to the Dr this week and we shall see what he says. (Keeping my fingers crossed). Having gone thru surgery on my right hip 12 years ago, I am not as afraid of it this time, but what does scare me is the re-replacement of my right hip. I never knew there was a support group out there like this one, that you could talk to other people in the same situation your in, and I think it's great, Even just writing about right now helps. I can be contacted at ** ***. Unfortunately I can not participate in the chat sessions because of being on webtv. So if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me, and I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for listening and being there

Larry R. Slater

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