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Hi!! ^_^

From: Jesse Robinson
Date: 24 Aug 2000
Time: 11:23:20
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Hi, my name is Jesse robinson - you have an excellent newsletter!! I've been recieving it for my mother (R-THR, metal on metal, cemented),and I've been reading it to her over the phone. Now that she has internet access, I was wondering if you could send the newsletter to her instead now? Where to stop sending; - where to start sending;

I really love the work you are doing!! All of the stories have been a *great* help to my mother, and so I give you her thanks. My website is below - perhaps you'd like to put a link to your site in my guestbook? I'd be honoured ^_^

Thank you!! ^_^

May the Great Spirit continue to smile on you and your work, and a Happy Hyper Hippy Hug to Y'all!! ^_^

Jesse Robinson

Last changed: August 24, 2000