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Had Baby--Got alot more--THR

From: Sharon White
Date: 08 Sep 2000
Time: 02:11:11
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Where do I begin..I went in to have my 4th child (finally a BOY)..I then had a tubal ligation, 6 hours after the surgery, I started complaining of pain in my left upper, inner, and outer leg..They kept telling me it was from the delivery of my child and that I had a pulled muscle..The pain worsened as the hours went by and I was screaming in pain, they finally gave me Percocet and Motrin, this helped but the pain was always there..No one believed me, I think the thought I wanted a few extra days in the hospital since I had 3 other children at home..I couldn't even walk.By the 5th day they finally did an MRI, but on my spine, not on my left leg area..They said I was fine and sent me home "Problem Resolved" I was on constant Vicodin and was trying to nurse my son, I was in so much pain, I was either in a wheelchair or with a walker, but I couldn't even get off the couch..The pain was horrible, I called the doctors every day and they still kept telling me pulled muscle-stretched nerve (since I had never had these I believed them) I was seen by a pain specialist and a nuerologist who just wanted to prescribe me with anti-depressants..This went on for 2 weeks until I was almost going into shock from the pain (even with the pain meds) I refused to eat or drink because to get to the restroom was a horrible ordeal, I would have to take Vicodin, wait an hour, wrap my thigh with packed ice, use a walker with help and scream and cry the whole way..I finally demanded to be seen at the hospital, this was not a pulled muscle..Sure enough we went to ER and they did another MRI and they were very confused, all of my cartilage was gone, part of the ball joint bone was literally eaten away and I had a blood infection..The next thing I knew, I woke up cut open (they didn't replace my hip yet) and I had a PICC line..They couldn't figure out what was wrong or how this happened for 6 days..On the 6th day, they came in and told me I had Streppococous Group B, if they would of listened to me in the first place this could of been prevented..I missed my son being a newborn, I was in the hospital the 2nd time for 18 days and was sent home with the PICC line which stayed in for 9 weeks..I never even changed his diapers. The next time I seen him (coherant) he was a totally different baby..I am scheduled to get my THR in January.. I am very nervous because of the risk for the infection coming back..I keep putting it off and I could use some encouragement...They pain is bearable right now, it slows me down and I can't make any quick movements or get on the ground or tie my left shoe and so on, my son will be a year old in October so I wondering if I should wait..Any advice would be great..Thanks for listening (Reading) Sharon White...

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