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Congenital Displasia of the Hip

From: Kate McGirr
Date: 15 Sep 2000
Time: 22:45:16
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Hello fellow hip people. My name is Kate McGirr, i am 19 years old and i had congenital displasia of the hip, previously known as congenital dislocation. My doctor failed to pick up my hip problem until mum made such a cacophony that they had to listen. By then it was past the time when you can just put special nappies on and it might just go away, i had to have surgery. They made many attempts at trying to reconstruct my hip, they all failed. In a lot of pain they finally fused my hip when i was 11 years old so that i no longer have any movement in it. That sucks because everyone in my age group while i was growing up was running and doing cool outdoor stuff while i was either stuck in a huge body cast, or using crutches. Despite the pain that i and i am sure many of you have suffered, i have turned out to be a wonderful person. I still feel suicidal at the fact that i can't run and sit properly and there might come a time that i have scoliosis of the back or something, but i feel that i have advanced well beyond my years in the spiritual department, and thats what really counts. If you are religious you might want to contmeplate this : for all the hard work and crap that we have to put up with, in comparison the time that we are suffering is miniscule to the time that we will spend in heaven and finally be free of the pain, immobility, and embarrassment, that comes with having a hip defect. Keep smiling everyone Kate Email:

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