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Re: Total Hip Replacement

Date: 17 Sep 2000
Time: 08:09:49
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Hi Donna, I am at 3 months also for THR right hip and 48 yr old female. After my 6 wks check-up my Dr. told me I had no restrictions and that I can do what I want when I am able. I have been driving since 6 wks and doing all my own housework(except scrubbing floors) since 6wks. My incision is still somewhat sore, some days worse then others . But, I just keep going to build endurance. Are you doing any physical therapy? Walking? I am walking cane free for about 2 wks. SOmetimes it is difficult and I get scared, but tell myself 80 yr old people have this same surgery and are doing fine. I too have muscle spasms down the back of my legs if I overdo, then the next day I back off. Eventually it will come all together. This is really a year total recuperation until you are 100%, but BEFORE SURGERY what % of life wo/pain would you have had. E-mail me at the above address I would love to talk to you more about progress etc. SOmedays I need encouraging also...

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