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Re: 31 with pain from congenital hip displacement

Date: 02 Oct 2000
Time: 18:14:00
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I don't know the specifics of your case, but I found out two years ago at age 31 (after about one year of a pain and limp stemming from my left hip) that I had signficant hip dysplasia in my left hip and nominal in my right. I recently went to a doctor who provided a potential alternative to a hip replacment which I otherwise would need in the next few years (depending on my pain tolerance). It is called a Ganz (or pericetabular) osteotomy. Given the word osteotomy (meaning breaking/cutting of the bone), it is a major surgery which requires cutting, realigning and screwing together the affected hip socket. The potential benefits are a near complete recovery and limited/no deterioration of the hip socket (meaning there won't be the automatic every 5-10 year replacement). Unfortuately this procedure has only be researched and performed for the past 10-15 years so the long-term success are not fully known, but it apparently does not prevent a hip replacement if needed later on.

I am still in the process of researching this procedure as I learned of it only last week. Also, given the 5:1 ratio of hip dysplasia in women:men, most of these operations have been performed in women. As such, I need to research if there is any differential impact for men.

Best of luck.

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