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Acetabulum Fracture

Date: 04 Oct 2000
Time: 01:23:39
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On July 7th of this year I was playing tennis with some other mom's from my mom's group when I jumped up to hit a lob. I came down with a locked knee and drove my femur through my hip socket. I had no idea that I had acually broken my hip until I got the news while lying in the hospital. "We've got good news and bad news for you, the good news is you are pregnant, the bad news is you've broken your hip." This was really a shock as I am 30 years old and have no history of bone density problems etc. After two days of laying in the hospital they decided that I needed to be shipped 200 miles South to Los Angeles. There was no one from our area that performed this particular sugery. The ambulance ride was horrible! The paramedics assured me that they could give me morphine shots if needed but when I asked for one about 2 hours into the journey they said they were sorry but we had just passed the county line and they couldn't give me anything outside of our county! What is with the lack of padding in ambulance gurrneys? We met with the surgeons the night before the surgery and all of a sudden they were saying I would have to have an abortion before the surgery because of all of the x-rays needed during surgery. I really didn't want an abortion as I really believe each pregnancy is a little life from the moment its conceived. Luckily the surgeon came in at the last minute and said he could probably do just about as good a job without x-rays during surgery (He had xrays that were taken before we knew about the pregnancy). The surgery was performed and they put in a steel plate and 6 screws. I stayed in the hospital another 6 days. It has now been almost 3 months since surgery. I am trying to stay patient with the slow process of rehabilitation. Its hard because I have a 17 month old daughter who really needs my attention. Its hard not to pick her up! My HR person from work is constantly bugging me about when I will get back to work. Luckily friends and family have been wonderfully supportive! Any more acetabular fractures out there? I would love to hear from you! Please email me! Janette

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