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Re: Hip Replacements

From: Grant "Crazy Hip"
Date: 06 Oct 2000
Time: 07:46:53
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You were 25 when you had your 1st, and then there was a 2nd? In responce to Micky. Here's my story. I was and still am very active in sports. No, I never made it to the big time only My time! When I was 17y/o I was involved in an auto accident and was left for dead. A great deal of rehab and I was taught to walk again. Pains were familiar but, nothing stopped me. Then came the meetting of the minds, Orthopedic, Nuerologist, PT, my parents and myself. My R Hip was fusing naturally with increased calcium. Limiting 20degrees of flexsion 15 degrees of extension. This was very hard for me, I may have missed my high school senior year of football, but NO WAY would I miss college I had already started talking about scholarships my junior year. I was told I couldn't get a hip, due to my activity level and would be sure to pop it out. Due to my age Now 29y/o I've traveled all over the country in hopes that some day there would be a doctor that would make a hip that would stay. fyi... Did you know that Bo Jackson had a hip replaced, "Bo does What?" nothing. Anyway I hope that some one could see this and reply with GREAT stories on how an Athletic Hip replacement has been accomplished,postitive results. I'd take poor results as well. I have NO Pains, except if I land wrong from a bike jump, crash on a mountain, etc. I owe the recovery from my pain free living to a man named John Barnes PT and Myofascial Release. I have taken my discomforts and recoveries seriously and enrolled straight from high school into a PTA program. I graduated in 1994, with the knowledge of ALL rehab modalities and techniques but, nothing took away my pains for good they kept coming back. Then I enrolled in a cont. ed class called MFR. My school never taught this,only I had to write an Extra credit paper for an instructor once and it had interested me. I still am looking for the Magic Hip, but if time has it that I never get one, I still enjoy living Pain Free,with limitations. Please respond I have much more to tell! Now I go to work to help others live Pain Free! Grant "Crazy Hip" Hoyt PTA,LMT

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