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Total Hip Replacement

From: Donna
Date: 16 Oct 2000
Time: 01:18:38
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This is one of my favorite places to read and on a daily basis I come to this bookmark and open it up to see if anyone else has hip problems. The last entry was October 10, and today is October 15, and I was just wondering why no one has any questions except possibly myself?? Maybe when you get well, you just kind of forget about saying anything to cheer people up? Anyways, I'd love to hear from you on how you are doing since your surgeries. I am doing fine. It will be eight weeks this Tuesday, and that is exciting for me because in four and half more weeks I will be able to be without my walker. I had the cementless surgery and there is no weight bearing except 30 percent for quite awhile. I was told Iwas going to have the surgery with cement, but my Doctor who does about 20 surgeries a week, decided that he would give me the surgery that is cementless and it would last a lot longer than the cement surgery and I would be happier in the long run. I was very depressed at first and especially when I would hear from a certain person that my Doctor did not know what he was doing. (that is very depressing to hear when your already depressed) My pain is getting a lot better and I walk on a cane at therapy and do a lot of things on a walker that I didn't have the strength to do a few weeks ago. Well, come on people who have had surgery, this is a support group, lets write and tell people how we are doing. Talk to you.


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